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Privacy Policy

This website is paid for by and promotes the political activity of Friends of Jeff Keicher. The information, views, and opinions expressed on this website are the views of Friends of Jeff Keicher where expressly noted.

This site is political and exists solely to promote the candidacy of Jeff Keicher. It is not paid for or serviced using taxpayer funds.

All official constituent concerns, comments, or business should be directed to the official district office using the official website at

In an effort to keep the discourse civil, “troll” accounts may be banned at the discretion of Friends of Jeff Keicher. Trolling is defined as any comment or user account that repeatedly: uses offensive or profane language; makes personal attacks; posts deliberately provocative or offensive content; uses a false name or assumed identity; is counter to the stated purpose of the page. Repeat offenders may be permanently blocked this page.

Friends of Jeff Keicher complies with all election regulations as set forth by the State Board of Elections, Springfield, IL.

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