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With family in the region tracing back to the early 1900s, Jeff Keicher continues the practice shared by generations of his family through his community involvement. As an engaged citizen, small business owner, community volunteer, and as the state representative of Illinois’ 70th district since 2018, Jeff’s history of giving back to the communities that have been so good to him is evident. 

Being raised by a single mother who waited on tables to keep a roof over their heads, he saw firsthand that sacrifice for others is critical to our mutual experience. He is a first-generation college graduate who continually seeks to give back to his NIU community through volunteering to help students and providing dozens of internships over his career.

Jeff Keicher began his career working for State Farm Insurance before opening his own State Farm Insurance Agency in Sycamore in 2006. With a customer-centric approach, it became the largest State Farm Agency in DeKalb County and one of the largest in the Rockford Territory. He’s taken that same customer-first style to Springfield as he works on behalf of 70th district residents. 

Jeff understands how the government can over regulate businesses and tax families into leaving the state. He has committed to improving Illinois’ business climate and making the area an affordable place to raise a family by looking past partisan differences and searching for common-sense solutions through cooperation.

Jeff Keicher focused his efforts on finding fresh and practical ways to benefit the 70th district, from funding critical infrastructure projects to backing the driving forces behind regional economic growth by supporting a world-class education and workforce development system. In August 2019, his bipartisan legislation to expand mammogram screening for women became law. He supports efforts to keep income tax rates low and serves on the Property Tax Relief Task Force to find solutions for overburdened homeowners. 

Jeff spends time volunteering in the community and has held multiple executive board positions with the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce, Sycamore Public Library, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) of Illinois, and Sycamore Rotary Club. He has also spent many years serving on boards for the DeKalb Chapter of the American Red Cross, NAIFA Fox Valley, and the Kishwaukee YMCA.

Jeff is a proud husband and father of three children and claims “over 20 years of marriage is perhaps one of the best teachers of compromise and three kids instill great negotiation skills.” He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and holds the CLU, ChFC, CPCU designations. 

The 70th district includes portions of Boone, DeKalb, and Kane Counties.

About Jeff


Supporting & Creating Jobs

The way to power our economy is to invest in the future. Jeff worked on bipartisan legislation to encourage data center investment, achieved passage of the manufacturers purchase credit, supported the Blue-Collar Jobs Act, and expanded the manufacturers R&D legislation – all this to help create and expand good jobs in our area. 

Providing Relief for Homeowners

Rising property taxes are an ongoing burden faced by homeowners. 


Jeff outlined three initial reforms to put Illinois on a pathway toward lowering the property tax burden: Supporting Government Consolidation, Reducing Unfunded Mandates, and Ending Legislative Conflicts of Interest.

Limiting Spending & Lowering Taxes

Taxpayers should not pay more when state government fails to identify ways to control existing spending. State agencies should identify areas to reduce spending by eliminating outdated programs and root out waste, fraud, and abuse of tax dollars.


Jeff opposes income tax increases and has sponsored legislation to make our government more responsive to spending ongoing concerns. 

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